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The online course that changes lives

"Life-changing" is just one of the ways past students have described this course.
They also talk about gaining more confidence and optimism; being calmer as they walk their dogs; having more fun in training; no longer feeling guilty or embarrassed and starting to enjoy their dogs again!
If you have a reactive dog and are finding life tough, this course is for you.



Our amazing offer is available from now until the end of November 2018. After that it will be too late and the course will no longer be available. After 5 successful years I am taking it off sale and it will only be available in future as part of my Canine Confidence Club.
So don't miss this unbeatable offer of more than 70% off the normal price.

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Struggling with your dog's reactivity?

Living with a dog is supposed to be relaxing and fun.  But when your dog finds the world a challenge, it can be anything but. Walks are done at night or spent trying to avoid meeting anyone – and the things you always wanted to do with your dog – days out, doggy sports, relaxing holidays – forget it.  It's got so bad you find yourself tensing up when you see a dog or a person coming – and you feel so isolated from the rest of the world.

You are embarrassed and feel a failure, especially when someone say “there are no bad dogs, just bad owners”! People tell you that you have to relax  - and you know your tension makes your dog worse - but how on earth are you meant to do that, when your dog is spinning like a dervish at the end of the lead? And most of all, it hurts that noone else sees the lovely, loyal dog that he is with you. You know your dog is a great dog - but how can you convince others when all they see is flashing teeth?

Help is at hand with Your End of the Lead:
the online course that helps you with your reactivity!

There are lots of programmes out there to help you learn how to change your dog’s reactive behaviour. But if you are tense and stressed, your training will be much less effective. And even with the best rehabilitation programme, no change happens overnight and you need to learn to enjoy your dog again – now! This online course is designed to help you – the owner and handler – to become calmer, more confident and, yes, less reactive! 

It combines practical coaching and training techniques with effective management and calming methods from TTouch to help you to rebuild your own confidence so that you can help your dog rebuild his. On this course you will:

  • Learn to recognise the early signs of stress in yourself and your dog and to keep you both below threshold.
  • Tackle the negative thinking and language that stops both you and your dog moving forward.
  • Learn how to calm yourself and your dog and improve your confidence and influence in handling.
  • Use goals and rewards to change your own emotional response to challenging situations.
  • Learn practical ways to manage yourself, your dog, the environment and other people so that you can set yourself up to succeed in your training.
  • Think differently about the problem and gain a deeper awareness of yourself, your dog and the people you meet.
  • Develop a closer relationship with your dog as you learn how you can best help him or her.
  • Play training games and learn how to make the most of training opportunities on walks.
  • Learn what to look for in training techniques and trainers.

Join the many graduates of Your End of the Lead online and start changing how you handle your dog's reactivity.

"I feel a lot calmer and more confident in my training approaches now—I’m quicker to decide when something has the potential to be overwhelming, and I don’t have any guilt about making the “right” decision for my dog. I’m also getting a lot better at noticing and celebrating successes, however small, which helps me stay optimistic about long-term improvement."

Jenny Williams

What's included

Your End of the Lead is designed to make it easy for you to learn and make changes. There is great content: 15 multimedia lessons, including a video each week for those who learn better visually. But there is also great learning support: daily mini-activities to ensure that you can apply the lessons in your own context and a Facebook group for peer support. Plus there are built in Practice Weeks so that you get the chance to really take in the material before moving on to the next - we have thought of everything! 

You will get:

  • 15 lessons, presented with video, audio, text explanations, downloads and graphics, to ensure that it works for you, however and wherever you learn.
  • Daily exercises (5 days a week) to help you practice new behaviours, because without practice you won't change your behaviour.
  • Lifetime access to course materials so no time pressure. Take as long as you need and repeat as often as you want. 
  • Access to the Your End of the Lead Facebook group where you can talk to other students and like-minded people and get help and support.
  • BONUS:  Email prompts to remind you of your daily activity and to make it easy for you to access the course materials each day, so you will keep your motivation and not let the course drift by. 
  • BONUS: Ongoing inspirational twice-weekly support emails to keep you motivated even after the course is over. 

Ready to buy?

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"I'm not sure what I expected when I signed up for this course but I had hoped it would strengthen my relationship with my dogs and maybe help me develop a better understanding of my own reactions to their reactivity. I didn't expect it to affect me the way it has, nor did I foresee that I would change so much about the way I think about, train and communicate with my dogs. I am now much calmer when out on walks and feel better able to deal with any situation which arise."

Lindsey Maggs
Volunteer at K9 Focus Rescue

Who should take this course

  • Owners of reactive and other challenging dogs who want to learn how to keep calm and build their own confidence.
  • Dog trainers and behaviourists working with owners of these dogs who want to learn more about how to build their client's confidence.
  • Dog rescue workers and volunteers who want to support adopters of these dogs to handle them with confidence.
  • Dog walkers and pet professionals who care for these dogs.
  • "Anyone who has a dog in their life!" Andrea Richards, Past student

"Doing this course has changed my attitude towards training/working with and just plain living with my dogs for the better. Not only that but also with other people I meet when out and about doing "dog stuff" either formally or informally. This course has given me tools "my end of the lead" needed. This course may read as being only for people with reactive dogs but don't be fooled or left out. If you are "the other half" in a dog's life it is for you."

Karon Tiffany
Trainer/Coordinator, West Yorkshire Dog Rescue

What will we cover on the course, specifically?

Through 15 information-packed, practical lessons, you will learn...

To hone your AWARENESS:

  • How to recognise the signs of stress in people and dogs and how to intervene early.
  • Why your dog's behaviour can seem to be "unpredictable" and what to do about it.
  • How to spot physical tension and why it is important to be able to do so.
  • How the words you use can influence your dog's behaviour and other people's perceptions.
  • How your beliefs shape your behaviour and what to do about it.
  • How to take the stress out of scanning the horizon and make a game of it.

To become CALMER:

  • How to be mindful in your interactions with your dog and why you need to be.
  • How to use TTouch techniques to calm yourself and your dog.
  • How breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques for your dog can help you both manage anxiety.
  • How to rethink challenging situations and interactions to change how you respond to them.
  • How to shake off other's expectations and live the life you want to with your dog.

To know how to ENABLE yourself and your dog to succeed:

  • Three kind and effective leading techniques that will help you manage even the strongest dog comfortably and confidently.
  • What equipment you can use to reduce your dog's reactivity - and what to avoid!
  • How to deal with "my dog is friendly" owners, inconsiderate owners, absent owners and loose dogs.
  • Easy and fun training games to give you and your dog security when out on walks.
  • Techniques to help you practice and hone your skills without leaving the house.
  • Alternative ways to exercise your dog's mind and body when walks aren't the best option.
  • How to set goals that you will actually achieve.
  • How to choose effective, humane training techniques and when to say no.
  • How to stay positive and motivated even on the bad days.

"Before starting your course I had tried so many different ways to deal with Heidi’s reactive behaviour and I was at a loss as to what to do next. By giving us continual encouragement, support and guidance you have given me the confidence to move forward. You have shown me how to put the fun into training and Heidi is thriving on it."

Christine McMillan with Heidi

Your Questions Answered

You can start the course at any time and do it as often as you like. You get lifetime access so you can come back to it again and again.  

The main things you need are an internet connection and web browser. Plus a commitment to help your dog by working on the exercises and practice – daily as far as possible. 

The weekly lesson is designed to take you 30-60 minutes to complete. The mini-exercises vary but most can be done during your normal walks or activities. You are encouraged to keep a record of your experiences. So altogether you will need around 10-15 minutes each week-day for the mini-exercises. So in total you will need between 1-2 hours a week to get the best out of the course.

There are no live classes. The course is designed to be taken from any time zone. Core lessons are video/text-based. 

This course covers all the material in the one-day course but in much more detail than is possible in a day. It also includes a lot of additional material and gives you the opportunity to go away and try things. 

The focus of this course is to teach you how to be a more effective handler and helper for your dog: to manage your own emotions, to know how to keep your dog safe and under threshold, to set both of you up to succeed. It will make you more aware of your dog’s needs and what you need to do to meet them. It will teach you techniques to calm yourself and your dog. If you follow through all the exercises, you will see improvements in your dog’s reactive behaviour and you will certainly leave the course with a clear plan of action for where to go from here. This plan may include local one-to-one training with an appropriate trainer to work with you and your dog face-to-face, particularly if your dog’s reactive behaviour is severe.

You are encouraged to involve family members in your training activities and, with that in mind, materials can of course be shared within your immediate family. Please note: all materials are copyright and cannot be shared on any website or reproduced in any form, except for your personal study.

Don’t worry! We have had people on the course who have never done an online course before but they quickly got up to speed to participate fully. The platform through which the course is supported is very easy and intuitive to use and you will soon feel right at home.

"Diggy is much calmer and settled at home and on walks. I now enjoy our walks which is amazing. I believe Diggy is now having fun also. We have gotten to know each other so much better. I no longer feel guilty and ashamed of our progress or lack of progress. I accept Diggy as a being with feelings and emotions and I understand them so much better and I do my best not to bully him into going on walks as "that's what dogs need" - he sometimes isn't bothered and would prefer to stay at home and play games! Considering this course? Do it! It's such great value for money and well worth every penny - just to be able to enjoy being with your dog again and learn how to help her or him feel safer in the scary big wide world!"

Claire Hayes and Digby (aka Diggy)

To sum up - five good reasons to do this course:

  1. It's unique. Your End of the Lead is the only course of its kind. Most courses on reactivity issues focus on rehabilitating the dog – this one focuses on rehabilitating the owner!
  2. You'll learn a lot. You will learn new techniques for raising your awareness, calming yourself and enabling success for yourself and your dog.
  3. You'll do daily practice. You are not left to get on with it. You will receive daily exercises to your email inbox (as well as on the course pages) to keep you motivated and engaged.
  4. You can be part of a community in the Facebook group, where you'll "meet" like-minded dog owners and share experiences. You will soon realise you are no longer isolated or alone. 
  5. It's designed to help you learn. The course is designed and taught by Dr Janet Finlay, TTouch Companion Animal Instructor (one of only 4 in the UK), accredited dog trainer (MAPDT UK 01046) and qualified coach for people (ILM Level 7). Janet was also previously a university professor with responsible for online teaching in a large UK university. She has 15 years experience of developing and teaching online courses. You are in safe hands!


Read and watch more testimonials from previous students. You can experience the same benefits for yourself.

30-Day "Fuss-Free" Money Back Guarantee

Sometimes we try something and it just doesn't work for us - and we end up feeling it has all been a bit of a waste. I don't want anyone to feel that way about this course. I am so confident that you will enjoy this course and find the techniques covered useful, that I offer a 30-day "fuss free" money back guarantee. If at any time within the first 30 days you have the course, you decide it is not for you, just send me evidence that you have given it a shot and I will give you your money back without any fuss. The "given it a shot" is a reminder that we get nothing at all without effort. Your End of the Lead is not going to help if you don't engage with it. But if you do that - and still don't see the benefit - then I will happily give you your money back.


Remember this offer goes away at the end of November - along with the chance to get the Your End of the Lead course at any price. After 5 successful years, I am taking the course off the market and it will only be available in future as part of my
Canine Confidence Club.
So this is your last chance to get it - at an unbeatable 70% off the normal price.

Was: £165 Now for a limited time: £45


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