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Living with a dog is supposed to be fun right? But when your dog is reactive, walks can be a nightmare – filled with the stress of trying to avoid other dogs or people. And many of the things you planned to do with your dog – family days out, doggy sports, relaxing holidays – are out of the question altogether. You tense up when you see someone coming. It only makes things worse, but it is hard not to when you know how your dog is going to behave. You are embarrassed and desperate. You feel like such a failure and just want it to stop. 

Reactivity is hard to live with but when we think of it as just a dog issue – that our dog has a problem behaviour that we have to fix – we are missing half of the story. To make real progress, we also need to transform ourselves.

Your End of the Lead is a ground-breaking book, which will show you how to shape your thinking and adjust what you do so that you can be successful in helping your dog. Taking a holistic approach and bringing together ideas from a diverse range of disciplines, Janet Finlay offers practical ways to change your mindset, so that you can really enjoy life with your dog again, while helping you to develop the skillset you need to make real progress in resolving your dog’s reactivity. With the help of this book you can start to become the confident, resilient, mindful guardian for your dog that you have always wanted to be.

Dr Janet Finlay is an ACE Instructor, accredited dog trainer and qualified coach for people. At Canine Confidence, Janet specialises in working with the guardians of reactive dogs, using a holistic approach that goes beyond training and addresses the problem of reactivity from both ends of the lead. Janet teaches internationally and runs a number of successful online programmes, which have helped hundreds of guardians and their dogs change their lives for the better.

"This is a terrific read written by the brilliant Dr Janet Finlay. Comprehensive, clear and solution focussed, it contains a wealth of knowledge and ideas to change mindsets from negative to positive, from threat to challenge. It acknowledges that there are two ends of the lead, and by addressing the human end as well as the canine one, so much more can be achieved to build a calm, confident and strong partnership. An absolute must read for professionals and guardians of reactive dogs. Just hugely hugely helpful. Thank you Janet. 👏👏😊"

Ros Kinloch

"A fabulous book, well written with sympathy, honesty & humour, packed with information and guidance, and enlightening ideas to help transform your experience of living with a reactive dog. I have read many many books in my own personal quest to find help & answers, but THIS is the book which will now become my bible and source of inspiration. In my opinion, this is the best help out there in book form, it's a brilliant read and really encourages you to think "outside the box" as well as realising how much you can change by simply changing the way you think and see things. Very highly recommended. You WILL learn something new from this book, even if that is just about yourself!"

Amazon Customer

"I cannot recommend this book highly enough. The content is easy to read and understand, and engaging. Lots of useful support for both the human and canine ends of the lead. If you have a reactive dog, or just want to learn more about human and canine interaction, then this is the book you need to read."

Sue Williamson

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