Canine Confidence Events 2020

with Janet Finlay

COVID-19: Due to Covid-19 most of my planned events for 2020 have been cancelled or postponed. New dates will be issued as soon as possible. It may be possible that some limited events will run in Autumn 2020 but I am now concentrating on putting together a programme of events for 2021. Please contact me if you are interested in hosting a workshop or training next year. 


About these events

The events fall into two categories: Workshops/Trainings and Presentations/Demos.


Cool, Calm and Connected: A new weekend workshop for 2020 which combined tools from Your End of the Lead, ACE, TTouch and Leslie McDevitt's Control Unleashed to enable you to make a significant shift in how you live and work with your reactive dog. It will help you and your dog build confidence, connection and calmness. This workshop includes up to 6 handler places for dogs who can cope with a workshop environment. For more information see: Cool, Calm and Connected Workshop.

Animal Centred Education (ACE): Sarah Fisher's ACE programme incorporates detailed observations, Free Work, enrichment and engagement tools, leading techniques and TTouch body work to enable dogs to make appropriate choices and to help us understand their needs. ACE work is calming and helps deepen the relationship between dog and guardian. It is especially beneficial for dogs for whom handling and touch is challenging either through fear or over-arousal. A full day as a handler on an ACE workshop contributes 20 credits to the ACE training programme. I can offer ACE workshops/trainings from one day to five days. For more information see: ACE Trainings.

Your End of the Lead: Do you find living with a reactive dog a struggle? This practical human-only workshop will teach you strategies and techniques to build your own confidence as a handler and to change how you think about yourself, your dog, other people as well as reactivity itself. This is also available as a Masterclass for a larger audience or a canine professional audience, where we will cover the same topics but the level and exercises will be tailored to the group. 

Presentations and Demos: 

As well as practical workshops and trainings, I also do occasional presentations, talks, discussions and demos on reactivity, particular how it affects the guardian, and ACE. These are sessions of varying lengths usually to larger groups, that have less practical activity but may still include some audience participation!

About Janet Finlay

Janet Finlay is an ACE Instructor, a TTouch Practitioner Level 3, an accredited dog trainer (MAPDT UK 01046) and qualified human coach.

She specialises in working with dogs who can be reactive and their guardians, taking a holistic view that addresses the problem from both ends of the lead. She is the author of the book Your End of the Lead: Changing how you think and act to help your reactive dog.

She speaks and teaches workshops nationwide and internationally and is always open to proposals for speaking and teaching engagements. So if you are interested in a workshop but there is nothing near enough to you then please do get in touch.


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