Learn to enjoy life with your reactive dog!

Living with your reactive dog doesn't have to be a nightmare. Let me help both you and your dog become calmer and more confident. 

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Who I am and how I can help

I'm Janet Finlay and I've Iived and worked with reactive and challenging dogs for more than 20 years. I know that frustration, the sense of guilt and failure, the feelings of hopelessness and isolation that you may be feeling right now. I've come home from walks in tears because people have yelled abuse at my dog kicking off. I've felt the disappointment of not being able to do "normal" things with my dog.

But I don't feel like that any more. Over the years I have learned how to help the reactive dogs that have come my way - and to do it without getting stressed out. I can teach you to do the same.

Now I see their reactive behaviour as just that - behaviour - a challenge to be met rather than a burden or a threat to my sanity!  In my courses and training in the Canine Confidence Academy, I combine TTouch, games and playfulness, reward-based training and NLP-based coaching techniques to take a holistic approach that focuses on both ends of the lead. I won't just show you how to train your dog - I'll show you how to change your thinking and how you respond to your dog. Following my programmes will help you and your dog become a confident partnership. 

What people say

Bernadette Kerbey
Workshop attendee

“Janet Finlay is by far the best dog-related trainer I have had the pleasure of attending a course with, and rates among my top 5 trainers in anything.... I have already recommended this workshop because I want to see more people using genuinely positive methods, and broadening out the scope of what is available to dogs locally. I can also assure those friends who are interested ... that they will certainly be getting their money's worth and be operating with an outstanding trainer.”

Ros Kinloch
Online course participant

"Janet Finlay's course has been one of the most valuable and enjoyable learning experiences I have had in my quest to progress positively with Sophie. We are now a calmer and more confident partnership, with better understanding and a shedload of strategies to employ. My end of the lead definitely now feels a far more comfortable place! Thank you so much, Janet.”

Tina Jennings
One-to-One client

"I have two mini schnauzers one of which is very anxious and reactive to most things outside, people, dogs, bikes etc. Walking had become a nightmare. I have used several dog trainers over the last few years and had almost given up. I heard about TTouch, bought the book and then discovered Janet. Janet has been fantastic and has given me the confidence to help my dog get over her issues. A combination of TTouch and training techniques has given me the confidence to see light at the end of the tunnel and the improvement in just two weeks has been amazing. Thank you so much Janet"

Karen Ebben
Online course participant

“Since doing this course I have seen Ebben grow into a fun loving dog who has learned to trust me to help her be able to make the right choices. Our relationship has really strengthened and we seem to enjoy ourselves on walks much more-we interact more and play games for the fun of it and not just as a distraction ... I feel I've already achieved my key goal - for Ebben to be happy and enjoy life because she is definitely much happier than when we started the course - wow!”

Latest posts

Is there a cure for reactivity?

A question I am frequently asked is Is reactivity ever cured? Can reactive dogs ever become “normal”? It is a question from the heart, often from someone who is overwhelmed by their dog’s responses to everyday things - other dogs, people, cars - and who want reassurance that it won’t be forever.

I understand it. That desire to fix it. To make it better. To stop the embarrassing behaviour.

But I think it is the wrong question.


Shake those expectations!

Expectations can hang over us like weights – you need to be this size, this tidy, this successful, this qualified - before you are acceptable or worthy or valued. Sometimes these expectations drive us on but more often they crush us. We can’t move forward, our anxiety builds and we are paralyzed.

I see this every day too with our dogs. They have to be a certain way, behave in a certain way....


The only three questions...

The expectations of others can be difficult. People tell us we should do this or should do that - or that or our dogs should be a particular way - and we can feel guilty when we don't meet these expectations. It is something that we talk about a lot in Your End of the Lead.

But over the years I have realised that, for me, what we choose to do or not to do with our dogs and how we train and work with them boils down to just three simple questions. Keep these in mind and you won’t go far wrong.