Join the Canine Confidence Club!

with Dr Janet Finlay
TTouch Instructor, Member of APDT UK (01046)
and qualified leadership coach.



Is your dog a challenge?

When we have a challenging or reactive dog, our confidence can be severely damaged. Everything we thought we knew about living and working with dogs is shaken. Our dog may be frightened or frustrated or frantic - and over time this rubs off on us. As we try to deal with their anxieties, we can lose our own confidence and very soon we feel unable to cope.

If this is you, you are not alone. It is very common to feel isolated as we struggle with our dog's behaviour. But it doesn't have to be that way.

The Canine Confidence Club can help you to learn how to increase your own confidence in handling and working with your dog, how to boost your dog's confidence in dealing with everything they come across and how to strengthen your confidence together as an unbreakable partnership, ready to face the world. 

Holistic Approach

Reactivity is not just a training issue and it is not just a dog issue. Reactivity affects our own well being as well as that of our dog. It needs to be addressed physically and emotionally as well as behaviourally - and at BOTH ends of the lead.

In the Canine Confidence Club we draw on TTouch, positive dog training, human coaching and a wealth of recent research into approaches to handling stress, to give you effective, practical and innovative holistic solutions.

What will I learn?

  • Training games and techniques to reduce your dog's reactivity.
  • How to build your confidence and your dog's confidence.
  • How to change your mindset and deal with limiting beliefs.
  • How to build an even stronger bond with your dog.
  • How play and gamefulness can help with your mindset and your dog's reactivity.
  • How TTouch can help and how to use it.
  • How to improve your training skills.
  • How to read and understand your dog.

And much more!

Am I working on my own?

No! The courses are awesome and you can choose to work on what you like at your own pace but the thing that makes the Canine Confidence Club so valuable is the Coaching and Community support you receive.

There are fortnightly Live Coaching Sessions with Janet plus a 24/7 Community Forum for support, feedback and accountability.

Join in Challenges to progress your training, get feedback on your activities, share successes with like-minded people, who will be your allies and cheer you on and listen when you need to vent!

So what do I get as a Club member?

Club content is growing all the time but you'll get at least:

  • 6 full online courses plus mini-courses and guest contributions
  • Live coaching calls twice a month to answer your questions - all recorded and indexed.
  • A lively, supportive and safe community forum and Facebook group where you can talk to other members. 
  • A library of over 50 short "how to" videos, worksheets and curated links to useful resources.
  • Regular challenges to keep you focused. 
  • Weekly content updates.

Full access to this very successful course addressing the human side of reactivity.

Have access for as long as you remain a member of the Canine Confidence Club. Course content is released each week for 18 weeks. This course alone is worth your monthly membership!



And who are you?

I'm Janet Finlay and I've Iived and worked with reactive and challenging dogs for more than 20 years. I know that frustration, the sense of guilt and failure, the feelings of hopelessness and isolation that you may be feeling right now.  I've felt the disappointment of not being able to do "normal" things with my dog.

But I don't feel like that any more. Over the years I have learned how to help the reactive dogs that have come my way - and to do it without getting stressed out. Now I see their reactive behaviour as just that - behaviour - a challenge to be met rather than a burden or a threat to my sanity - and I can help you do the same.

And my qualifications? I am a TTouch Instructor; I'm a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers UK (01046), which means that my training and instructing skills have been assessed both practically and theoretically; and I am a Level 7 transformational coach for humans, meaning I have the skills to work with you as well as your dog.

Essential Information

The "small print" - what you need to know about your Club membership.

  1. Membership is recurrent on payment of subscription: either monthly, 6-monthly or annually. There is no minimum membership term beyond the current paid period so your minimum membership for a monthly subscription is one month, for a 6-monthly subscription is 6 months and for an annual subscription is one year.
  2. You are free to cancel at any time. Just send an email to [email protected] and I will sort this out for you. Your membership will cease from your next scheduled payment point (and you will retain access until then). You can also cancel yourself under Settings.
  3. There can be no refunds on part-used paid periods, unless there is a delay at our end on processing a requested cancellation.
  4. Membership will automatically cease if scheduled payments cannot be collected. The system will try at least 3 times before this happens.
  5. You retain access to all materials in the membership and any bonuses for as long as you remain a member. Access to all member benefits, including bonus courses, ends if you cancel or otherwise cease to be a member.
  6. Your joining membership rate will never increase as long as you remain a member. If you cancel and wish to rejoin, your new membership will be at whatever rate is current at the time of rejoining.