Build your Dog's Confidence with TTouch!

In an ideal world all our dogs would be confident: relaxed, taking things in their stride, resilient. But many of our dogs are anything but. They may be concerned about things they encounter on a daily basis; they may be reactive to other dogs or strangers; they may be sensitive to noise or anxious when left on their own; or they may be wound up and over-excited, unable to settle or exercise self-control. 

This can be very hard to watch as owners: we love our dogs and want them to enjoy life to the full, but their lack of confidence holds them back and restricts what they can do. But the reality is, it also restricts what we can do that can also leave us feeling frustrated - and then guilty for feeling like that!

How TTouch can help...

While confidence has genetic elements that we can’t do much about, and is developed through life experiences that we can't go back and undo,  we can help our dogs to be more confident than they are right now. We can help them reach their potential - to be as confident as they are able to be. 

Confidence has a number of elements. A confident dog is

  • Physically and emotionally balanced. Physical and emotional tension reduces confidence and creates uncertainty and stress. Posture is all important in this - so improving posture and balance will improve our dog’s confidence. 
  • Able to handle new experiences. If we always stick to what we know and always work within our comfort zone our confidence shrinks. So to develop confidence and resilience our dogs need to have new, non-habitual experiences in a safe context. 
  • Aware of his own body and where it is in the environment. This awareness of where their body is the space around them is called proprioception and without it a dog cannot be grounded or coordinated. Good proprioception is another factor in confidence.
  • Able to relax and be calm. Constant stress drains confidence. Confident dogs are able to relax and be calm. 

Tellington TTouch Training provides these four key ingredients, enabling us to help our dogs build confidence gently and at their own pace, always ensuring that they feel safe and supported.

What you will learn

  • You’ll learn what TTouch is and how it can help you build your dog’s confidence. 
  • You’ll learn how to observe your dog so that you can identify areas of tension in his body and what he is communicating about his emotional state. 
  • You’ll learn how the physical and emotional state of your dog directly impacts on his behaviour and what you can do about this. 
  • You’ll learn 12 different TTouches so that you can find the ones that suit your dog best and have the right touch for any situation, to calm, to release tension and to raise awareness. 
  • You’ll learn about body wraps - what they are, why we use them and how to ensure you use them effectively to raise awareness and to aid relaxation. 
  • You’ll learn how changing the way you lead your dog can improve posture and increase confidence, while reducing pulling and tension on the lead - and how you can use the TTouch Confidence Course in your home or garden to improve your dog’s balance and provide safe, non-habitual experiences. 
  • And you’ll learn how to get started with TTouch in a number of common scenarios - when your dog is reactive, anxious, or noise sensitive - or at key life stages to build confidence in puppies and restore it in older dogs.

What people say...

Brilliant course, thank you. I have a reactive dog, who I was desperate to get help for and TTouch seemed the best way to do this. The online course suited my lifestyle. The video demonstrations are excellent: you can see exactly how to do the touches. I really enjoyed the course and found it was paced and set out very well. I liked the fact that there were alternatives for things to do if your dog was not agreeable for any reason with a particular touch. The whole course has been a Godsend for my dog. She is so much more relaxed now although we still have a bit of work to do. Diane Self

I'm loving the flexibility of the way the course is set up and the ability to work through the sections at your own pace without feeling any pressure from getting behind or having to catch up after a busy week or perhaps being away. The course is always calmly there, waiting to be accessed, with the next video in the module, or perhaps a recap from a previous section. In short,  lovely relaxed learning with clear, interesting, short, cumulative study chunks. Fab! Ros Kinloch

I have so enjoyed this course. I have learnt so much. All my dogs love it especially my Yorkie. Thank you Janet. Gloria Davies

How to do the course

  1. Sign up and get immediate access to Section 1: 5 Lessons + 2 Bonus Lessons - enough to keep you going for a week.
  2. Work through the video, explanations and exercise for each Lesson. Try to do one a day during the week - you will learn most with daily practice.
  3. Comment, chat and ask questions on the Community Wall, which is available for each Lesson.
  4. Check the Resource Bank for information on local TTouch resources, articles and other useful information. 
  5. Watch for the email to tell you when the next Section is released. Sections are released weekly to avoid overwhelm.
  6. Rinse and repeat each week for seven weeks!
  7. Return to the course as often as you like - you get lifetime access. 

Key Features

  • 7 Sections covering the key areas of TTouch
  • 35+ Lessons for daily practice
  • Resource Bank for additional information
  • Community Wall to ask questions and share experiences
  • Multimedia lessons - a format for everyone
  • Clear consistent layout - always know where you are
  • Fully responsive - use on any device
  • Lifetime access

Book Now!

So, if you are ready to help your dog build confidence through TTouch, come and join us on the course.  The course is a bargain at £97 ($128). It is based on my three-day TTouch workshop and actually covers more material. 


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Build Your Dog's Confidence with TTouch

Learn how to use all the elements of Tellington TTouch Training to help your dog build confidence and calm.

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