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Janet Finlay, Canine Confidence

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Explore the incredible world of Animal Centred Education or ACE and how it can help your dog.

ACE is an integrated approach to animal education and well being, developed by Sarah Fisher. It teaches you to see your dog in new ways and gives you tools to help them to relax and calm. It provides the perfect context for genuinely choice-based training and changes your dog's emotional state.

ACE starts from the premise that our dog's physical, emotional and behavioural responses are inextricably linked and takes a holistic approach to helping our dogs. 

These one- and two-day live online workshops are led by ACE Instructor, Janet Finlay, and will teach you how to get started with ACE Free Work and detailed observations, how to integrate engagement, leading and handling within ACE, and how to take ACE techniques out on the road with your sensitive dog. They comprise an introduction to ACE which is open to all, a folllow-on workshop, for those with some familiarity with ACE Free Work on using ACE to help reactive and sensitive dogs and a one-day workshop for those with some ACE experience who are interested in exploring some of the science behind ACE. 

Workshop numbers are limited to ensure everyone gets the time they need. ACE credits towards ACE accreditation are available for these workshops. Online resources to support the workshops will be available before the workshop with ongoing access later. 


ACE Workshops Offered

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"Janet's courses and knowledge have really helped me be a better, more confident owner. I have learnt so much. Thoroughly recommended."

- Kathryn Carter

How will the online workshops work?

These workshops will run entirely online but they will be LIVE on Zoom. So you will need to be able to set aside the time as if you were attending a workshop in person (but without the travel!).

The weekend workshops will be split into teaching sessions, practical sessions and feedback sessions. In the practical sessions you will do some work with your dog and film and upload your video to Youtube. In the feedback sessions we will view these videos together for further learning. You will be told in advance what you need for these sessions so that you can have it prepared (mostly stuff readily available in your home). Support for filming and uploading to Youtube is also available in advance so you can practice (it may sound scary but it is easy to do with a smart phone!).

The one-day Geeking ACE workshop will have both teaching and discussion sessions plus consideration of case studies in groups.

For all the workshops you will also receive a video-based course on ACE to supplement and support the course. You will have life-time access to these materials.

About your instructor

Dr. Janet Finlay has been working professionally with dogs for more than 15 years and is an Animal Centred Education (ACE) Instructor, a Tellington TTouch Practitioner 3 and an accredited dog trainer with the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (01046). She also has more than 20 years experience in higher education and is a qualified coach for people.

Through her business, Canine Confidence, Janet specialises in working with the guardians of reactive dogs. She teaches internationally and runs a number of successful online programmes. Her book, Your End of the Lead, outlines her holistic approach to helping with reactivity.

Janet lives with her two dogs Martha and Otter in Northumberland, where they can often be found exploring the wonderful beaches.

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